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Welcome to the website

This website is dedicated to supporters of Watford Football Club and in particular, the Watford FC Mailing List (WML) - though it has no official connection to Watford Football Club

We have over 900 Watford FC supporters subscribed to the mailing list and once you have subscribed it is a great way to find out what is going on at the club with all the latest news as well as hearing the opinions of others and also being able to voice your own opinion about your club.

We also supply other information on this site, such as up to date statistics, a glance at what has happened to players since they left Watford on the Where Are They Now (WATN) page, a Question and Answer page with some ex and current hornets, as well as plenty of other pages of Watford FC related items.

If you wish to join the mailing list - it's free by the way - then all you need do is  send us an e-mail by clicking here.