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Chris ADAMS Died 2012 08/09/12
Laurie ADAMS    
Tony AGANA Self-employed business consultant 11/02/13
Gabriel AGBONLAHOR Aston Villa 17/02/09
Lionel AINSWORTH Motherwell 16/06/14
Vic AKERS OBE Arsenal Kit Manager. (Retired as Arsenal Ladies manager Oct 09) 15/06/12
Doug ALLDER Was living in Hersham and working at Heathrow 19/02/09
Derrick ALLEN Died 1978 17/02/09
Malcolm ALLEN Football pundit 18/02/09
Wayne ALLISON Research Manager (Coaching) at the F.A., and Managing Director at "Science of Soccer Ltd." Lives in Huddersfield 07/07/14
Manuel ALMUNIA    
Julian ALSFORD Works for JP Morgan Chase 19/02/09
Tommy ANDERSON Soccer pundit for Australian TV 18/02/09
Wayne ANDREWS Director and Personal Trainer at Watotalfitness 29/01/12
Neal ARDLEY Manager AFC Wimbledon 10/10/12
Craig ARMSTRONG Academy coach at Nottingham Forest 17/02/14
Gerry ARMSTRONG Sky Sports Pundit 17/02/09
Stephen ARMSTRONG Financial Advisor at Morgan Stanley Smith Barney 02/11/12
Barry ASHBY Assistant Manager Welling United 14/11/09
Moses ASHIKODI Cray Wanderers 20/04/14
Britt ASSOMBALONGA Peterborough United. 4 year deal with Watford having 1st option to re-sign him. 31/07/13
Bryan ATKINSON Died 1989 17/02/09
Paul ATKINSON Vintage Clarets 04/04/14
Cedric AVINEL Clermont Foot Auvergne 63 08/08/11

Espen BAARDSEN Works for Eclectica Asset Management 17/02/09
Dennis BAILEY Coaches and plays for his local Church Renewal Christian Centre in Solihull and works for Sports Pursuits 25/04/14
Chris BAIRD West Bromwich Albion 07/07/14
Adrian BAKALLI Player/assistant coach at FC Kosova Schaerbeek. Also works in the Mayor of Schaerbeek's office 04/04/14
Dave BAMBER Property developer in the Blackpool area 19/02/09
Al BANGURA Forest Green Rovers 05/07/11
Bill BARBER    
David BARDSLEY Runs youth soccer academy in Florida, (Orlando F.C.) 03/07/12
David BARNES Plays for Blades' masters 19/02/09
John BARNES Commentator and pundit for ESPN 20/05/12
Peter BARNES    
Colin BATEMAN    
Ernie BATEMAN As of Dec 2011, living in Hemel Hempstead 16/09/13
Billy BATES Died 1997 08/09/12
Bill BAXTER Died 2009 26/05/09
Darren BAZELEY Head Coach of New Zealand U-20's 17/10/13
Peter BEADLE Assistant manager Sutton United 23/05/14
Roger BEAMENT Died November 2011 20/05/12
Craig BEATTIE Contract not renewed at Dundee (May 2014). Declared bankrupt in April 2014 07/07/14
Bill BECKETT Died 1999 08/09/12
Steve Leo BELECK Fiorentina 23/06/14
Bobby BELL Died 2007 20/02/09
Hector BELLERIN Arsenal 18/02/14
Trevor BENJAMIN Coach of Newcastle Utd Women 04/04/14
Dale BENNETT Forest Green Rovers 25/01/13
Ted BENNETT Former greengrocer now retired and living in London NW6 02/11/11
Micky BENNING Fireplace business 18/02/09
Dave BEWLEY Died 2013 13/03/13
Geoffrey Mujangi BIA Standard Liege 15/09/13
Charlie BILLINGTON Died 1985 17/02/09
Charlie BIRSE Died 1995 08/09/12
Pat BLAND Died 1970 17/02/09
Luther BLISSETT Runs Team48 motor racing team. Coach for "Show Racism the Red Card" 25/01/13
Dominic BLIZZARD Plymouth Argyle 24/07/13
Mike BLOCK Was living in Mill Hill (2010) 24/07/13
Patrick BLONDEAU Retired in 2005 19/02/09
Ian BOLTON Sales Representative 17/02/09
Dennis BOND Builder, lives in Cheshunt 22/09/11
Jack BONHAM Brentford 07/04/14
Alex BONNOT Football agent. Lives in Barcelona 16/09/13
Dennis BOOTH First-team coach and Executice Chairman at UK Football Finder FC 08/01/14
Hameur BOUAZZA ES SÚtif (Algerian Ligue Professionnelle 1) 14/11/13
Jimmy BOWIE Died 2000 19/02/09
Stuart BRACE Took part in a Grimsby F.C. fund raiser in September 2009 03/03/11
Liam BRIDCUTT Sunderland 30/01/14
Matthew BRIGGS Released by Fulham 23/05/14
Guy BRISTOW Had a milk round in the Sarratt area 08/09/12
Leigh BROMBY Dismissed as Leeds under 16's coach 11/07/14
Steve BROOKER Buxton 30/10/12
Kurtney BROOKS Beaconsfield SYCOB 02/05/14
Roy BROWN Died 1989 17/02/09
Bobby BROWN    
Tommy BROWN Died 2005 08/09/12
Wayne BROWN Property manager for mother in law’s rental firm in Ipswich 23/03/12
Michael BRYAN Hampton and Richmond Borough 11/06/14
Prince BUABEN Hearts 13/07/14
Will BUCKLEY Brighton 06/06/11
Freddie BUNCE Died 1991 17/02/09
Eric BURGESS After retirement ran a ladies' fashions and promotional merchandise business. 09/09/12
David BUTLER Lives in Bushey - still playing 18/02/09
Steve BUTLER Football Showcase Pro Academy in Lilleshall 14/01/12
David BYRNE Scout at Birmingham 16/09/12

Nigel CALLAGHAN DJ 18/02/09
Joe CALVERT Died 1999 03/12/10
Alex CAMPANA Kings Langley 27/09/13
Clarke CARLISLE ITV Pundit for World Cup 2014 18/05/14
Dave CARR    
Norman CASE Died 1973 17/02/09
Darren CASKEY Assistant manager at Gateshead 26/09/13
Keith CASSELLS Policeman in St. Albans 18/02/09
Marco CASSETTI    
Francis CASSIDY Sales Manager (UK & Ireland) at Sealed Air UK Ltd Hemel Hempstead 02/09/12
George CATLEUGH Died 1996 17/02/09
Aleksandrs CAUŅA CSKA Moscow 10/01/13
Johann CAVALLI AC Ajaccio (Corsica) 12/01/11
Nathaniel CHALOBAH Chelsea 15/01/14
Alec CHAMBERLAIN Goalkeeping Coach at Watford 17/02/09
James CHAMBERS Walsall 11/02/13
Ken CHARLERY Assistant Manager at St Albans City 12/09/11
Charlie CHASE    
Denis CHENEY Died 2008 08/09/12
Steve CHERRY Temporarily out of the game, recovering from a heart operation 14/01/11
Gary CHIVERS Working as a coach in a school and has a taxi licence 11/01/13
Michael CHOPRA Released by Blackpool 16/05/14
Sammy CHUNG Retired and lives in the West Country 18/02/09
Chris CLARKE    
Tom CLEVERLEY Manchester United 15/09/13
Peter COFFILL Lives in Essex and is an England veterans international. Plays for Herongate Athletic veterans 03/03/11
Tony COLLINS Seen at Watford home games (Nov 1998) 20/02/09
Mike COLLINS    
David CONNOLLY Oxford United on loan from Portsmouth 01/02/14
Maurice COOK Died 2007 18/02/09
Bobby COOK Died 1997 27/02/09
Lee COOK Trialist at Barnet 21/07/14
Billy COOKE Died 1992 07/10/10
Jack CORK Southampton 07/07/11
Tony COTON Was assistant QPR manager til March 2010 12/05/11
John COWEN Greenkeeper. Also plays bowls for Britannic House Bowls Club in Sydenham SE London 10/08/10
Don COWIE Wigan 10/07/14
Neil COX Assistant Manager AFC Wimbledon 10/10/12
Laurie CRAKER Resigned as assistant manager, Burnham F.C 24/02/14 
Ron CRISP Sales executive for an office machine company in Durban, South Africa 25/01/13
Peter CROKER Died 2011 08/09/12
Danny CULLIP Retired from Lewes (March 2010). Now coach for Brighton and helping run Worthing College's academy 2nd team. 04/02/11
Horace CUMNER Died 1999 19/02/09
John CURRAN Died 1985 17/02/09
Pat CURRAN Died 2003 08/09/12
Tony CURRIE Club Ambassador, Sheffield United 19/02/09

Tony DALEY Head of Physical Performance at Wolves 30/12/13
Malcolm DALRYMPLE    
Ronald DALY Died 1996 08/09/12
Jermaine DARLINGTON Whitstable Town 19/09/11
Calum DAVENPORT Had a trial with Northampton in Dec 2012 15/09/13
Graham DAVIES Died 2003 08/09/12
William "Taffy" DAVIES Died 1995 08/09/12
Albert DAY Died 1983 17/02/09
Burcombe DAY Believed to be living in Nottingham 21/12/13
Chris DAY Stevenage Borough 17/02/09
Roger DAY    
Jay DEMERIT Vancouver Whitecaps FC 04/02/11
Eddie DENTON After managing Slough Town, used a degree in business studies to develop a career in the newspaper industry. 08/09/12
Willie DEVINE Emigrated to Australia 01/12/12
Paul DEVLIN Romulus 29/06/12
Alan DEVONSHIRE Manager of Braintree Town 16/09/11
Toumani DIAGOURAGA Portsmouth on loan from Brentford 18/02/14
Samba DIAKITÉ    
Carl DICKINSON Port Vale 24/07/12
Perry DIGWEED Actor and chauffeur 14/09/09
Kerry DIXON Chelsea hospitality host and Chelsea TV 04/01/10
Bobby DOWNES Head of Recruitment at Nottingham Forest 12/02/13
Charles DRINKWATER Died 1998 08/09/12
Daniel DRINKWATER Leicester City 15/09/13
George DRURY Died 1972 17/02/09
Jason DRYSDALE Delivery driver for UPS in Bristol 11/02/11
Keith DUBLIN Working in family business (property management) 19/05/09
Reg DUDLEY Died 1984 17/02/09
Len DUNDERDALE Died 1989 17/02/09
Sean DYCHE Burnley manager 25/01/13
Bruce DYER Retired from football, and now puts  on gospel events through his company Love Life 16/11/09
Barry DYSON Died  1995 25/09/10

Terry EADES Member of Gog Magog Golf Club 08/08/11
Chris EAGLES Released by Bolton Wanderers 05/05/14
Mike EARLY Died 1995 17/02/09
Clint EASTON Professional will writer and life cover consultant. Also coaches at Dagenham & Redbridge 25/04/14
Ray EASTWAY Died 1989 17/02/09
Keith EDDY Retired after founding and running Tulsa Soccer Club 13/01/13
Derek EDMONDS Last heard of living in Leeds. 28/05/12
Tommy EGGLESTON Died 2004 21/02/09
Nathan ELLINGTON Persija Jakarta 01/03/14
Sam ELLIS Was chief scout at Stoke until Dec 2012 13/01/13
Barry ENDEAN Semi retired builder living in Chester Le Street 03/03/09
George EPHGRAVE Died 2004 19/02/09
John EUSTACE Derby County 23/07/13
Roy EVANS    
Ralph EVANS Died 1996 17/02/09
Hugh EVANS    

John FAIRBROTHER Lives in Hemel Hempstead 18/02/09
Mark FALCO Coaching Tottenham U 11's; Cleaning company representative and matchday host at Spurs 28/02/09
Willie FALCONER Runs a sandwich bar in Glasgow 20/10/09
Jean-Alain FANCHONE Olympique Nţmes 15/09/13
Marco FARAONI Udinese 18/07/14
John FARLEY Joiner in Hull 08/08/11
Les FARNEN Died 1985 17/02/09
Alec FARRALL Lives in Hoylake on the Wirrall 15/02/11
Andy FERRELL At Her Majesty's Pleasure 18/06/13
Ken FISHER Died 1989 17/02/09
Gary FISKEN Plays for Sun Postal. Also runs printing business - living in Hemel Hempstead 06/06/13
Gary FITZGERALD Branch Manager - CPD Croydon at SIG plc 13/01/13
Scott FITZGERALD Chalfont St. Peter. Also, a heating, gas and plumbing engineer 16/02/14
Richard FLASH Lecturer at the UCFB College of Football Business 05/01/12
George FLEMING Died 1999 18/02/09
Carl FLETCHER Youth team manager AFC Bournemouth 24/02/14
Dominic FOLEY Limerick FC 26/02/12
Kieran FORBES Aldershot Town 19/07/14
Fabian FORDE Trade counter manager at Arco, Watford 04/04/14
Craig FORSYTH Derby County 01/07/13
Ben FOSTER West Bromwich Albion 29/06/12
Colin FOSTER Gardener in Kent 08/08/11
Damien FRANCIS Works for Lunn Farrow Media - a PR / Media consultancy 10/08/13
Francino FRANCIS Hednesford Town 16/09/12
Paul FRANKLIN Joint First Team Manager, Hempnall FC in Norfolk 03/07/12
Colin FRANKS Works in the printing industry in Oakville near Toronto 20/03/09
John FRASER Died 2011 08/09/12
Graham FRENCH Changed his name to Graham Lafite following 3 years imprisonment 02/03/09
John FURIE    
Paul FURLONG Assistant Youth Development Coach at QPR Academy 06/03/13
Ken FURPHY Lives near Dawlish 18/02/09

Filippo GALLI AC Milan - Head of Youth Sector 16/10/13
Len GALLIMORE Died 1968 17/02/09
Charlie GALLOGLY Died 1993 14/09/09
Terry GARBETT Lives in NY State and runs office cleaning business 25/09/10
Ray GARBUTT Died 1994 08/08/09
Alan GARNER Runs a double glazing firm in Dunstable 18/02/09
Joe GARNER Preston North End 08/01/13
Brian GARVEY Lives in Australia - was a football coach 18/02/09
Johnny GAVIN Died 2007 19/02/09
Mark GAVIN    
Marcus GAYLE Manager of Staines Town 16/05/12
Tony GEIDMINTIS Died 1993 17/02/09
Alex GEIJO RCD Mallorca (on loan from Udinese) 15/09/13
Frank GEORGE Died March 2007 14/01/12
Ricky GEORGE Journalist 02/11/12
Nigel GIBBS Assistant Manager at Leeds 08/08/13
Peter GIBBS Running a business and living in Harpenden 25/03/14
Billy GIBSON Released by Cambridge United 25/04/13
Frank GIBSON Died 2005 08/09/12
Ben GILL Business Development Manager at BPL Broadcast 06/03/13
Jimmy GILLIGAN Academy coach at Nottingham Forest 24/04/14
Rene GILMARTIN St Patrick's Athletic 24/07/13
Stephen GLASS Coach at North Carolina Alliance Soccer Club. 04/09/13
Elliott GODFREY Wealdstone 08/09/13
Jimmy GOOCH Died 2001 16/01/10
Ken GOODEVE Works for Galliard Homes. Lives in Bedfordshire 16/11/12
Peter GORDON Died 1990 17/02/09
Peter GOY Living in Southend and playing golf 16/01/10
Danny GRAHAM Middlesbrough on loan from Sunderland 01/02/14
Les GRAHAM Died 1998 14/09/09
Joel GRANT Yeovil 26/06/13
Xavier GRAVELAINE Appointed General Manager of SM Caen for 2014/5 17/05/14
Micky GRAY    
Ron GRAY Died 2002 19/02/09
Rodney GREEN Last heard of in Durban, S. Africa 09/03/09
Brian GREENHALGH Self Employed Football Scout 02/11/12
Tony GREGORY Was managing director of a leading aerosol manufacturer. 28/05/12
Daniel GRIEVES Lives in St Albans and runs an executive car service from Rickmansworth 24/04/14
Johann GUDMUNDSSON Keflavik 17/02/09
Brynjar GUNNARSSON  KR Reykjavik 06/03/13

Gordon HAIGH Died 2011 08/09/12
Dixie HALE Living in Swansea 18/02/09
Fitz HALL    
John HAMILTON Died 2013 24/02/14
Jamie HAND Stockport County 12/08/13
Tony HAPGOOD Died 2011 31/03/12
Paul HARDING Played for the Notts County Masters team in 2005 08/05/12
Jon HARLEY Maidstone United on non-contract basis, and youth coach for Chelsea Academy 18/06/13
Tommy HARMER Died 2007 19/02/09
Ivor HARPER    
Joe HARPER Died 1987 17/02/09
George HARRIS Lives in Reading 18/02/09
Tommy HARRIS Died 1997 08/09/12
Gerald HARRISON Coach at Burnley College 02/11/12
Steve HARRISON Defensive coach for schools and full-time Grandad 22/02/14
Jack HARROP Died 1977 17/02/09
Johnny HARTBURN Died 2001 19/02/09
Barry HARTLE Living in Stockport 09/05/09
Tom HARTLEY Died 1984 17/02/09
Alon HAZAN Israel's U-17 coach 02/11/12
David HEARD Was proprietor of a horticultural nursery in Aldenham. 08/09/12
Heidar HELGUSON Retired. Living in Iceland 15/09/13
Darius HENDERSON Nottingham Forest 24/01/13
Liam HENDERSON Spennymoor Town 18/06/13
Mick HENDERSON Policeman/Dog Handler in Sheffield 25/09/10
Liburd HENRY    
Jimmy HERNON Died 2009 09/03/09
Andy HESSENTHALER Assistant Manager at Gillingham 29/05/14
Peter HETHERSTON Publican 17/02/09
Bill HICKLIN Died May 2007 (aged 82) 28/04/12
Sid HIGH    
Danny HILL Part time plumber 28/02/09
Richard HILL Manager Eastleigh FC 23/11/12
Steve HODGE Nottingham Forest Academy coaching the U-14's 07/03/13
Glyn HODGES Coach at Stoke City 01/07/13
Lee HODSON MK Dons 20/07/13
Jonathan HOGG Huddersfield Town 29/07/13
Rick HOLDEN Runs a physio business (Island Physiotherapy) on the Isle of Man 13/01/11
Dean HOLDSWORTH Executive Managing Director, XPRO Management Services, Worcester 30/12/13
David HOLDSWORTH Was manager Goole AFC 27/01/14
Cliff HOLTON Died 1996 17/02/09
Stan HOPKINSON Died 2003 08/09/12
Arthur HORSFIELD Retired from Thurrock depot of Parcel Force 09/03/13
Will HOSKINS Released by Brighton 14/05/14
Billy HOUGHTON Lives in Barnsley 25/09/10
Trevor HOW Landlord of The Crown in Little Missenden 10/02/13
Bobby HOWFIELD After a successful career in the NFL with the New York Jets and the Denver Broncos, he worked in the insurance dept. of a Denver bank. Lives near Denver, Colorado. 19/02/09
Gavin HOYTE Dagenham and Redbridge FC 02/11/12
Stephen HUGHES Since retiring from playing football, he works on media for Arsenal 29/04/12
Roger HUGO Became owner of a Johannesburg video company. 08/09/12
George HUNT Died 1990 07/10/10
Micah HYDE Lives in Brentwood. Head of Dagenham & Redbridge Academy 25/04/14

Jerel IFIL Staines Town 17/06/13
Alex INGLETHORPE Reserve team coach at Liverpool 10/12/12
Ben IROHA Coach of Heartland of Owerri, Nigeria 06/12/12
Derek IRVIN    
Pierre ISSA Sports Director at Olympiacos FC 22/07/13
Chris IWELUMO Chester 30/06/14

Frank JACKETT Died 2010 28/04/10
Kenny JACKETT Manager of Wolverhampton Wanderers 31/05/13
Johnnie JACKSON Charlton Athletic 13/11/10
Matt JACKSON Operations Manager at Wigan Athletic 11/07/12
David JAMES MBE Coach at Luton Town whislt working for his UEFA A coaching licence 25/10/13
Tom JAMES Tamworth 11/06/14
Albert JARRETT Bromley F.C 18/06/12
Nigel JEMSON Works at the Alea Casino 25/04/14
Ross JENKINS Retired from entertainment/sport business. 18/02/09
Ross JENKINS (Jnr)    
Billy JENNINGS Football agent 18/02/09
Pat JENNINGS Part-time THFC goalkeeping consultant 28/02/09
Bedford JEZZARD Died 2005 18/02/09
Richard JOBSON PFA executive, living in Halifax 21/05/09
Collins JOHN Piast Gliwice 16/09/13
Adam JOHNSON Sunderland 25/08/12
Chris JOHNSON Postman in Lewes 03/03/09
David JOHNSON Social worker in South London 29/04/10
Richard JOHNSON Coaching Academy players at Chelmsford City and Dagenham & Redbridge 25/04/14
Maurice JOHNSTON Fired from Toronto F.C (14/09/10) 25/09/10
Brinley (Bryn) JONES Died 1990 17/02/09
Bryn JONES   18/02/09
Jimmy JONES Died 1976 17/02/09
Morris JONES Died 1993 17/02/09
Paul JONES Retired. Living in the Southampton area 16/09/13
Tom JONES Died 1971 08/09/12
Trevor JONES Died 1983 17/02/09
Roger JOSLYN Consultant in the furniture trade 29/03/10

Steve KABBA Left Barnet April 2013 25/04/13
Alexander KAČANIKLIČ Fulham 15/09/13
Sheku KAMARA 8 year prison sentence (May 2008) 18/02/09
Mike KEEN Died 2009 13/04/09
Jimmy KELLY Died 2003 16/01/10
Stephen KELLY Reading 13/01/13
Andy KENNEDY Director of Technical Development at Whitby Iroquois Soccer Club 28/05/12
Peter KENNEDY Living in Lisburn, Northern Ireland and is working as an accountant 25/04/14
Mike KENNING Lives in South Africa, ex-coach Wits University FC 25/09/10
Robert KIERNAN Wigan Athletic 04/04/14
Michael KIGHTLY Burnley 30/06/14
Marlon KING Left Sheffield United  01/01/14
Tommy KING    
Martin KUHL Youth development coach at Reading 11/01/13
Thomas KUSZCZAK Released by Brighton 14/05/14

Bobby LAING Died 1985 17/02/09
Henri LANSBURY Nottingham Forest 28/08/12
Bunny LARKIN Retired bakery salesman in Norwich 25/09/10
Gerard LAVIN Coach of Desborough Town (March 2004) 25/09/10
Norman LAWSON Died 2011 08/09/12
Jimmy LAWTON    
Jason LEE Equalities Executive Education at The Professional Footballers Association (PFA) 30/12/13
Richard LEE Brentford 01/06/10
Walter LEES Carpenter - living in Garston 18/02/09
Ken LESSLIE Died 1991 17/02/09
Bernard LEWIS London taxi driver 04/09/13
George LEWIS Died 1981 17/02/09
Jimmy LINDSAY Lives in Shrewsbury 25/09/10
Jimmy LINTON Lives in Bushey 18/02/09
Charlie LIVESEY Died 2005 18/02/09
Peo LJUNG Coach Írebro SK Soccer, Sweden 16/09/12
Scott LOACH Signed pre-contract with Rotherham 05/06/14
Frank LOCK Died 1985 17/02/09
Jan LOHMAN Works in a bar in Roosendal,Holland 25/02/09
Clive LOMAS Lives in Middlesex 18/02/09
Roy LOW Was in the building trade, lives in Kensington. 09/10/10
Nathan LOWNDES Plays for Scottish junior side Scone Thistle and works for Tayside Police. 09/03/13
Dominic LUDDEN Based in Chelmsford. Specialist markets executive for AXA Insurance 21/01/12
Ray LUGG Coaches soccer in Ft Lauderdale, Florida 10/04/09
George LUNN Died 1999 08/09/12
Des LYTTLE Head of football. Thomas Telford Academy 11/06/14

Malky MACKAY Dismissed as manager of Cardiff 29/12/13
Gavin MAHON Tamworth 01/01/14
Sam MALPASS Died 1983 17/02/09
Terry MANCINI Manager of a travel company 20/02/09
Ben MARDEN Died 2000 09/03/09
Adrian MARIAPPA Crystal Palace 02/09/13
Leo MARKHAM Financial Services 18/02/09
Dennis MASKELL   08/09/12
Gavin MASSEY Colchester United 21/08/12
Alan MAYES Business Development Manager at Ambro Events 06/04/11
Paul MAYO Lincoln United 22/07/13
Jimmy McANEARNEY On retiring from football in 1979, founded P J McAnearney Machine Tools. In 1999 handed company control to his son, Paul J McAnearney. 04/02/11
Jobi McANUFF Released by Reading 07/05/14
Alan McCARTHY    
Kevin McCARTHY    
John McCLELLAND Postman / Football coach / stadium tours at Elland Road 17/02/09
Albert McCLENAGHAN    
Tom McCREADY    
Dennis McCRYSTAL Died circa 2006 18/02/09
Josh McEACHRAN On loan to Wigan 23/01/14
Larry McGETTIGAN Died 1994 17/02/09
Stephen McGINN Sheffield United 25/06/13
Mick McGOVERN    
Joe McLAUGHLIN Head Soccer Consultant Soccer Icon USA. Also scout for Bolton Wanderers 11/02/11
Tommy McMILLAN    
Anthony McNAMEE Woking 12/08/13
Vince McNEICE Retired and living in Bournemouth 20/12/12
Johnny MEADOWS Plays Golf. Recently celebrated 60 years married. 28/02/13
James MEARA Works for a non-profit organisation in Pittsburgh funding football pitches 17/02/09
Gordon MEE Died  1975 10/02/14
Colin MELDRUM Now lives in Blackpool 10/04/09
Terry MELLING Possibly iving in Newport, Monmouthshire 15/09/09
Lars MELVANG Living in Denmark. Employed in the financial sector, where he is department head for Atradius. 21/07/10
Tony MEOLA Lives in USA and I Chief Exec. GK1 Soccer 25/09/10
Keith MERCER Taxi Driver and works for the Press Association 17/02/09
Alexander MERKEL Grasshoppers, Zurich 14/07/14
Keith MILLEN Crystal Palace Assistant Manager 03/11/12
Charlie MILLER Runs a soccer academy at Glasgow's Toryglen Sports Centre 18/04/14
Kevin MILLER Bodmin Town 22/09/11
Paul MILLER Property broker 25/09/10
Piero MINGOIA Accrington Stanley 01/08/13
David MIRFIN Scunthorpe Utd 31/07/12
Frank MITCHELL Died 1984 17/02/09
Tommy MOONEY Coaching at Aston Villa 28/09/13
Jamie MORALEE Co-owns New Era Overseas, financial investment firm and Football agent 09/06/11
Ian MORGAN Was involved with the Football in the Community scheme at West Ham with his twin brother Roger 09/09/09
Lew MORGAN Died 1988 17/02/09
Mark MORRIS Runs Crown and Sceptre pub in Northbourne, Bournemouth 26/07/09
Pat MORRISSEY Died 2005 18/02/09
Steve MORROW International Partnerships Performance Supervisor at Arsenal 17/02/09
Geoff MORTON Died 2000 19/02/09
Jordon MUTCH Cardiff City 22/06/12

Lucas NEILL    
Warren NEILL Luton assistant manager til Nov 2008 22/02/09
NEUTON On loan to AssociašŃo Chapecoense de Futebol from Udinese 07/05/14
Michel NGONGE Football agent and also runs an estate agency in Brussels 11/02/11
Ken NICHOLAS Died 2007 08/09/12
Peter NICHOLAS Assisting Newport YMCA 25/04/14
Allan NIELSEN Coach at Birkerød Sports College and owns a sushi restaurant 05/08/11
David NOBLE Released by Rotherham 28/05/14
Gifton NOEL-WILLIAMS Lives in Austin, Texas. Freelance coach and head coach to Hyde Park Baptist Schools. 25/04/14
Lee NOGAN Assistant manager at FC Halifax Town and PE teacher at various schools 13/01/12
Phil NOLAN Died 2011 08/09/12
Jason NORVILLE Personal trainer 22/09/11

Vic O'BRIEN Died 1997 10/02/14
Ralph OELOFSE Died 2001, Cape Town, S. Africa 26/09/10
Paul OKON Australia U-20 coach 02/11/12
Harry OLIVER Died 1994 17/02/09
Ken OLIVER    
Johnny OSBORNE Died 1981 17/02/09
Junior OSBORNE Free agent since leaving Northwood FC 05/07/12
Eddie OSHODI Forest Green Rovers 07/10/11
John Joe O'TOOLE Northampton Town 30/06/14
Brian OWEN Chief recruitment scout at Colchester Utd 11/02/131

Mike PACKER Inducted into Colchester United F.C. Hall of Fame in 2010 17/05/12
Robert PAGE First team coach at Port Vale and part of the Wales under-21’s set-up 25/04/14
Carlton PALMER Heads up UAE-wide Football Academy 23/11/12
Charlie PALMER Qualified social worker 20/02/09
Steve PALMER Head of performance systems for the Premier League 24/04/14
James PANAYI Head of Physical Education Flegg High School, Martham, Norfolk. 11/07/12
Jordan PARKES Hemel Hempstead Town 28/11/12
Martin PATCHING Lives near Rotherham 19/02/09
Sandy PATE Now retired (2007) 24/02/09 
Tommy PATERSON    
Johnny PATON Last surviving member of the Chelsea team that beat Arsenal in the FA
Cup in 1947. He is still a great Chelsea follower.
Tommy PATON Died 1991 17/02/09
Derek PAYNE Living in Ruislip. Co-commentates on BBC 3CR for Watford home matches 23/11/12
John PEARCE Ran a machine-tools sales agency 08/09/12
Jermaine PENNANT Signed 2½ year deal for Stoke (Dec 2010) 22/03/11
Gary PENRICE Talent scout for Everton 08/01/14
David PERPETUINI Sales director at David Perpetuni Ltd. in Romford 09/01/14
Kevin PHILLIPS Coach at Leicester City 06/05/14
Harold PHIPPS Died 2000 15/09/09
Lennie PIDGELEY Newport County 30/08/12
Les PILKINGTON Died 1995 08/09/12
Geoff PITCHER Assistant Manager Tooting & Mitcham 30/08/11
Colin PLUCK (MILES) Working in the wine and spirits business 25/04/14
Gary PLUMLEY Estate Agent in Newport 17/02/09
Brian POLLARD Worked for building firm and also ran a pub in Sherburn,Yorkshire 22/05/12
Richard POOLE Emigrated to France 08/09/12
Mart POOM Coach and club president of FC N§mme Utd (Estonia) 18/04/14
Andy PORTER Retired. Living in Bricket Wood. Became a bricklayer after leaving Watford. 09/04/11
Gary PORTER Players' Agent 17/02/09
Malcolm POSKETT In the motor trade in Carlisle 24/02/09
Chris POWELL Dismissed as manager of Charlton 11/03/14
Cliff POWELL Worked as an operating theatre nurse in Sheffield 08/09/12
John PRICE    
Neil PRICE Works for Watford FC 29/04/10
Tamas PRISKIN  Maccabi Haifa on loan from Austria Wien 11/02/14
Keith PRITCHETT He was director of football to the Northern Football Federation until December 2010 03/03/11
Chris PULLAN Coach of HT Kestrels Under-7's team (Holy Trinity, Hazlemere, Bucks) 10/09/12
Trevor PUTNEY Works for a property company 23/02/09
David PYGALL Living in Australia 19/02/09

Mick QUINN Racehorse trainer and pundit for Talksport Radio 17/09/13

Craig RAMAGE Property developer in Derby 19/02/09
Andy RANKIN Retired from being a fork lift driver in Huddersfield 15/04/11
Grzegorz RASIAK Warta Poznań 15/09/13
Beaumont RATCLIFFE Died 2003 08/09/12
Neil REDFEARN First Team Coach and Reserve Team/Development Squad manager at Leeds Utd 30/12/13
Mel REES Died 1993 17/02/09
John REID With Scottish Police until retirement 08/09/12
Micky REID Died 1975 17/02/09
George REILLY Builder - Lives in Ireland 19/02/09
Pat RICE MBE Retired as Assistant Manager of Arsenal at end of 2011/12 season. 03/12/12
Ian RICHARDSON Courier driver in Berkhamsted 14/12/10
Kevin RICHARDSON Newcastle United U17 coach 25/04/14
Lee RICHARDSON Psychologist with Lancashire C.C.C 21/09/11
Albert RIERA    
Tommy RIGG Died 1995 22/02/09
Stuart RIMMER Milkman in Southport 20/02/09
Douglas RINALDI Retired from football living in Brazil 05/08/13
Alan RIVERS Was Kit man at Shrewsbury (Retired 2004) 22/02/09
Iwan ROBERTS Welsh language sports commentator on BBC Wales; lives in Norwich 14/09/13
Tommy ROBERTS Died 2001 08/09/12
Len ROBERTSON Died 1979 17/02/09
Paul ROBINSON Birmingham City 25/09/12
Theo ROBINSON Doncaster Rovers 15/08/13
Mark ROBSON Assistant coach of England Under-17 team, and development coach for Norwich City Under-21's 18/11/13
Glenn ROEDER Was scouting for Millwall 04/04/14
Mark ROONEY Living in the New Barnet area and works as a ticket broker 25/04/14
Danny ROSE Tottenham 15/09/13
Ronnie ROSENTHAL Players' Agent 17/02/09
Bobby ROSS Died 1994 08/09/12
Wilf ROSTRON Has his own import business 25/04/14
Brian ROWAN    
Paul RUMBLE Lives in Hemel Hempstead 02/09/10
John RYDEN Died 2013 22/08/13

Mat SADLER Rotherham 17/06/14
John SANCHEZ Was living in Australia 19/02/09
Kenny SANSOM Co-presenter of LBC Radio's Saturday afternoon football programme 22/02/09
Reg SAPHIN Died 2005 08/09/12
Ron SAUNDERS Retired as manager of West Brom (1987) 22/02/09
Keith SCOTT Resigned as manager of Windsor FC in 2012. Business Development Manager, Advanced Interior Solutions, High Wycombe. 08/07/14
Stewart SCULLION Retired. Lives near Lymington, Hants 18/02/09
Claude SEANLA Rejoined Winslow United 08/07/14
Trevor SENIOR Manager of Bridport 10/02/11
Scott SEVERIN Assistant Well Test Technician at Expro 18/04/14
Arthur SHAW Attended opening of "Highbury Square" in September 2009 04/10/10
John SHAW Died 1973 04/10/10
Simon SHEPPARD Runs a goalkeeping coaching school in Sacramento, CA 19/02/09
Steve SHERWOOD Financial Advisor in Grimsby 18/02/09
Tim SHERWOOD Left Spurs May 2014 08/07/14
Neil SHIPPERLEY Resigned as manager of N. Greenford United FC in February 2014 08/07/14
Bill SHIPWRIGHT Running Golden West Sports 11/05/09
Dan SHITTU Millwall 13/08/12
Colin SIMPSON Marlow 18/02/09
Steve SIMS Premier League Academy Monitor 17/02/09
Roy SINCLAIR Died 2013 24/01/13
Lee SINNOTT Manager Altrincham FC 22/09/11
Bert SLATER Died 2006 20/02/09
Stuart SLATER Runs Chelmsford City’s Academy 25/04/14
David SMALL    
Allan SMART Academy manager of Farnborough 25/04/14
Neil SMILLIE Head of Nike Talent ID 25/04/14
Bill SMITH    
Eddie SMITH Died 1993 17/02/09
Jack SMITH (1960s) Died 2008 19/06/10
Jack SMITH (2000s) AFC Wimbledon 08/07/14
Lionel SMITH Died 1980 17/02/09
Ron SMITH    
Tommy SMITH Released by Cardiff City 23/05/14
Tony SMITH    
Trevor SMITH Died 1997 08/09/12
Sam SODJE On trial at Tranmere 15/09/13
Jason SOLOMAN Personal trainer 29/01/12
Marvin SORDELL Burnley 04/07/14
Ron SPELMAN Died 2006 08/09/12
Matthew SPRING Released by Wycombe Wanderers 14/05/14
Eric STEELE Goalkeeping coach at Derby County 25/04/14
Geoff STEINER    
Andrei STEPANOV Released by Aris Limassol, Cyprus Summer 2012 14/01/13
Worrell STERLING Sports tutor, Huntingdon College, & teaching at Peterborough Academy 08/02/10
Jordan STEWART San Jose Earthquakes 09/07/13
John STIRK Science teacher in Newcastle 28/10/10
Ken STOCKLEY Died 2006 08/09/12
Alf STOKES Died 2002 27/09/10
Peter STORER    
Jimmy STRAIN    
Perry SUCKLING Academy Goalkeeping Coach at Tottenham 17/02/09
Hugh SURTEES Died 1979 08/09/12
Bobby SVARC Runs burglar alarm business in Blackburn 27/09/10
Sam SWONNELL Capalaba Bulldogs, Australia 26/11/13

Brian TALBOT Scout at Fulham 14/01/13
Steve TALBOYS Director of Aon Sports, Recreation and Entertainment & manages Esher FC under 12's Wizards 14/09/13
Andrew TAYLOR Wigan 03/06/14
Les TAYLOR Manager of Oxford United Women 14/04/14
Martin TAYLOR Released by Sheffield Wednesday  06/05/14
Steve TERRY Runs a courier business and works as a statistician for the Press Association 18/02/09
Dai THOMAS Runs a scrap iron business in Caerphilly 16/01/14
Dave THOMAS Died 1991 17/02/09
Rod THOMAS Lives in Essex and works for his brothers football coaching business 11/02/11
Adam THOMPSON Southend 10/02/14
Bill THOMPSON Died 1989 07/10/10
Cyril THOMPSON Died 1972 17/02/09
Garry THOMPSON Agent, scout and businessman 14/09/13
George THORNE Derby County 22/07/14
Andros TOWNSEND Tottenham Hotspur 15/09/13
Ray TRAIN Scout at Middlesbrough til 2008 21/02/09
Marcello TROTTA Brentford (on loan from Fulham) 15/09/13

Dave UNDERWOOD Died 1989 17/02/09
Dennis UPHILL Died 2007 19/02/09
Johnny USHER Died 1989 17/02/09

Tommy VARTY Died 2004 08/09/12
Ramon VEGA Opened soccer schools in Marbella, Spain, and West Yorkshire. Also business interest in a Romford jewellery shop and working as investment consultant for asset management company in London.
Paolo VERNAZZA Football agent 27/08/12

Josh WALKER Bengaluru (Indian I-League) 07/07/14
Micky WALKER Inducted into Colchester United F.C. Hall of Fame in 2010 17/05/12
Paul WALKER Part-owner CPS Packaging Co. Leeds, also Director of Headingley Golf Club Limited, Leeds. 13/09/13
Peter WALKER Was in business as a garage proprietor 08/09/12
Ron WALKER Died 1988 17/02/09
Tom WALLEY Retired - lives in Nascot area of Watford 14/01/12
Jimmy WALSH    
Dai WARD Died 1996 17/02/09
Darren WARD Swindon Town. Owns the Silverhill Cattery, Herts.  15/09/13
John WARD Dismissed as Director of Football at Bristol Rovers 08/05/14
Keith WARN Died 2012 12/03/12
Mark WATSON Head Coach of San Jose Earthquakes 08/07/14
John WATT Possibly resident in High Wycombe 28/08/13
Keith WAUGH  Policeman with Bedfordshire Constabulary 17/09/12
Danny WEBBER Released by Accrington Stanley. Director at Pure Sources Global Ltd (Commodities) 12/05/14
Andreas WEIMANN Aston Villa 15/09/13
Jock WEIR Died 2003 16/08/13
Duncan WELBOURNE Retired tunneller, living in Southport 31/08/12
Colin WEST Dismissed as coach of Notts County in Feb 2013 26/08/13
Matty WHICHELOW Borehamwood 08/08/13
Devon WHITE Qualified electrician running his own firm in Nottingham 15/08/11
Guy WHITTINGHAM Assisstant coach at Crawley Town 25/04/14
Ron WIGG Died 1997 18/02/09
Paul WILKINSON Left Sheffield Wednesday (02/12/13) 02/12/13
Alan WILLIAMS Freelance scout. Also caretaker and barman in Bristol. 26/08/13
Gareth WILLIAMS Failed trials in 2010 at MSL Clubs San Jose
Earthquakes and New England Revolution.
Gary WILLIAMS Works in the computer industry in Yorkshire. 25/08/13
Johnny WILLIAMS Retired shop manager. Living in Mickfield, near Stowmarket 30/11/12
Mark WILLIAMS Living in Marbella married to Lindsay Dawn McKenzie. Director of VIP Golfing Breaks. 23/08/13
Tommy WILLIAMS Died 1987 17/02/09
Lee WILLIAMSON Blackburn Rovers 09/02/13
Mike WILLIAMSON Newcastle 30/01/10
Roger WILLIS Retired from St Albans City (2004) 22/02/09
Jimmy WILSON Died 1987 17/02/09
Charlie WIPFLER Died 1983 17/02/09
David WOODFIELD Lives in Burwell, Cambs. and coaches juniors at Burwell Tigers F.C. 23/08/13
Albert WOODISON Living in Folkestone (2007) 23/02/09
Lew WOODROFFE Retired and living in Ferring, West Sussex 10/03/11
Charlie WOODS Lives in Ipswich. In April 2011 was doing some scouting for Tottenham. 21/08/13
Dennis WOODS    
Nordin WOOTER Youth team coaching at Ajax 19/10/12
Eric WORTHINGTON Died 2006 19/02/09
Nick WRIGHT Retail Development Manager at Phones4U 20/08/13

Dean YATES Commentator for BBC Radio Nottingham 19/02/09
Mark YEATES Bradford City 03/07/13
Ashley YOUNG Manchester United 15/08/11
George YOUNG Died 1982 07/10/10
Lewis YOUNG  Crawley Town 15/07/14


If you have any additional information on any of the above please contact Jon

Special thanks to Matt Rowson, Oliver Phillips, Peter Bradshaw and Mark Baker for their help and the information used from Trefor Jones's Archive